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DAZ 3D Studio Tools & Content

Free Tools and Content for 3D Artists

Includes everything you need to get started

  • Characters, clothes & props
  • Scenes & accessories
  • Preset poses & animations
  • Controls for lights & cameras

DAZ 3D Software

DAZ Studio 4 - Create 3D Art for Free

DAZ Studio is a feature rich 3D figure customization, posing, and animation tool that enables anyone to create stunning digital illustrations and animations. DAZ Studio is the perfect tool to design unique digital art and animations using virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environments and more. Simply select your subject and/or setting, arrange accessories, setup lighting, and begin creating beautiful artwork.

Great Dialogue

Write Great Dialogue



At a Glance

  • Software program to help improve character dialogue
  • Contains a massive database of the best dialogue from movies, TV, novels and plays
  • Helps you understand dialogue techniques, and how and why they work

Let’s face it, no matter how good your story is, if the dialogue is stilted your movie script, book or play won’t make it to first base. But if you have sparkling, well-constructed dialogue your story and characters will leap off the page. The best way to really improve your dialogue skills is to see great dialogue in action and have specific techniques you can use in different dramatic situations.

Writer’s Digest Grammar Desk Reference

Grammar Desk Reference



The Writer’s Digest Grammar Desk Reference is the comprehensive resource on grammar and usage, a necessity for every writer’s desk. It presents balanced instruction and real-world examples that will ensure professional and flawless work on every occasion.

Starting at $13.03

Writer’s Digest VIP Program

VIP Program

Now you can fuel your passion for writing with the Writer’s Digest VIP Program. You’ll have access to the best writing resources, markets, competitions, tips, prompts, and more.


The Writer’s Digest VIP Program includes:

  • One-year subscription to Writer’s Digest magazine (retail value: $47.92 or $57.97)
  • One-year of online access to WritersMarket.com, with updated listings for more than 8,000 book publishers, magazines, literary agents, contests, scriptwriting markets, and more (retail value: $39.99)
  • Access to our most important webinar: The Essentials of Online Marketing & Promotion-a 1-hour tutorial on how to promote yourself as a writer, such as how to market a novel or sell a book, and get the attention of editors and agents (retail value: $99.00)
  • 10% off Writer’s Digest University workshop registrations: take an online writing class and get one-on-one attention and professional, personalized critiques of your writing, all on your schedule and at home!
  • 20% off Writer’s Digest Competition entries
  • 10% off all purchases made at the Writer’s Digest Shop throughout the year.
  • 15% off Writer’s Digest Tutorial subscriptions. With WD Tutorials, you can view top instructional videos on getting published and writing from the comfort of your own home
  • 10% off your registration to the Writer’s Digest 2012 Conference
  • Free standard shipping on U.S. orders from the Writer’s Digest Shop throughout the year.

Starting at $39.99

Writing Critique Services

Writing Critique Services

Send your work to Writer’s Digest 2nd Draft Critique Service!

After an evaluation of your submission, one of the professional 2nd Draft critiquers will provide feedback and advice. You’ll not only learn what’s working in your writing, but what’s not, and—most important—how to fix it.

2nd Draft provides a high-level review of your writing, pointing out reasons your work may be getting rejected, or may not meet the standards of traditional publication.

2nd Draft is available for query letters, synopses, short stories, and picture books as well as for longer works, including novels, memoirs, and nonfiction books. A 2nd Draft critique gives you an overall evaluation of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, specific comments related to your work, and target market. You will also come away with a clear idea of how to revise your work.

Starting at $2.00/per page

ProScript Classic Linen Script Covers

ProScript Classic Linen Script Covers - Epic Black

At a Glance

  • 12 sets of linen-blend script covers for submission and storage
  • Provides a front and back cover for your script
  • Protects and preserves your title page and contact info

These are not just your ordinary script covers!

Crafted of heavy-weight stock containing 25% linen, these Classic Script Covers give off a feeling that your script is special before your reader even turns the first page.

Besides offering total protection for your title page and vital contact information, Classic Linen Script Covers keep production execs happy by providing both privacy and a touch of class to their reading material.

Starting at $9.95

Hollywood Creative Directory

Hollywood Creative Directory

At a Glance

  • Directory for the film, television and new media industries
  • Puts over 11,000 producers and executives at your fingertips
  • The Insider’s guide to the Insiders for the past 20 years

The Hollywood Creative Directory is out of print. Hollywood Representation Directories are also still available for a limited time here.

Select “Wait List For Information” to your right and add to your cart should you wish to be notified about new alternative publications with Industry contact information.

The Hollywood Creative Directory, commonly referred to as “the phone book to Hollywood,” puts over 11,000 producers and executives (including their titles!) at your fingertips. This information powerhouse gives you a credible source to create a customized contact list with updated information from HCD Online, including:

  • 11,000 producers and studio & network executives
  • More than 2,000 production companies, studios & networks
  • Credits and studio deals
  • TV show & staff section
  • Addresses, phone & fax numbers, staff & titles
  • Credits and studio deals
  • Strict Listing Qualifications
  • New! Includes Mobile Content Producers


MasterWriter for Creative Writers

Masterwriter for Creative Writers

At a Glance

  • Word reference software for any kind of writing
  • Guides you toward the right word or phrase for every situation
  • Helps you express yourself in a unique, meaningful way

– Robert Zemeckis, Writer/Director, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump

“MasterWriter is a unique and invaluable collection of creative writing tools….It’s the program the right side of the brain has been waiting for.”
– William Peter Blatty, Oscar-winning Writer, Director, Producer

Starting at $189.00

Movie Magic Budgeting 7 and Scheduling 5 Bundle

Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling

At a Glance

  • Software program for production professionals working on any size project.
  • Works the way filmmaking professionals think, with tools that provide increased flexibility and versatility.
  • Essential for taking a project from script to a wrap.

Need to budget and schedule your movie? Save even more money by buying Movie Magic Budgeting 7 and Movie Magic Scheduling 5 together!

Whether you’re working on an indie splatter flick or the latest studio blockbuster, you must be able to show investors a budget that demonstrates how you’ll use their money to create a film.

Movie Magic Budgeting 7 easily and accurately produces professional budgets for projects of any and all sizes. An innovative cost estimation tool used by production teams around the world, it features an intuitive format designed with an awareness of the complexities of production and the ever-changing issues facing finance professionals.

Starting at $449.00

Movie Magic Screen Writer 6

Movie Magic Screenwriter

Format your script and outline it, too, with the newly redesigned Movie Magic Screenwriter 6! This award-winning screenwriting software formats movies, television, novels, stage plays and even comic book scripts, making it the only program for all types of creative writing.

Now powered by NaviDoc technology, an innovative system that displays your script alongside an outline, scene cards, notes and bookmarks, this scriptwriting software has a screenwriter’s mind, a production assistant’s heart, and a programmer’s envy!

Starting at $99.95

Movie Outline

Movie Outline Software

Designed by a produced screenwriter, Movie Outline 3.1 is an all-in-one development package that uses the simple technique of step-outlining to help build your story, characters and screenplay scene-by-scene, letting you focus on each key event of your script without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Wondering how to write a movie outline? Let Movie Outline 3.1 do all the work! Easily plan your story structure, color-code acts, rearrange scenes, develop and track characters and format your screenplay to industry standards with this movie outline software. You can even gauge the progress of your own story to that of included outlines and analyses of successful Hollywood movies, allowing you to simultaneously compare your own narrative’s pacing with the pros.

Starting at $119.95