Daily Archives: August 5, 2012

“Ted” – Film Review

In Brief: Laugh Out Loud film, even when a bit over-the-top.

Cinema:  Sunset Place, South Miami

Mark Wahlberg proves that he is as adroit at comedy (sometimes bordering on slapstick) as he is at drama. Mila Kunis once again shows her range, mostly in a serious (Spoiler Alert), even tender role, Seth MacFarlane proves that he has directing chops as well as his well-known comedic writing skills, even when he pushes the envelope.  Sam J. Jones does a convincing job playing himself and Norah Jones (no relation…lol) has a convincing turn (although she does not perform any of her Neil Young covers) as a folk singer…

As it has grossed over $200 million domestically as of this writing, there will inevitably be a sequel.