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Cinema Review – “Lawless”

Cinema: Movies at the Falls, Miami, FL
In Brief: Violent, yet tender, period film that makes the Prohibition era and Bootlegging come alive.

Well made (by Director John Hillcoat and Writer Nick Cave) look at the machinations to exploit the Prohibition Amendment by Franklyn County, VA Bootleggers.

Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke are very solid as the real life Bonderant brothers. Guy Pierce plays one of the baddest, bad guys I can recall.

Marijuana and drug prohibition have given screenwriters much material over many years for their scripts. This story about alcohol prohibition and the organized corruption resulting from stupid laws reminds me that we, as a society, are basically unable to learn from history….

…and so it goes…

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Film Review: “The Campaign”

In Brief: Formulaic Comedy. Funny in spots, especially if you are a Ferrell or Galifianakis fan.

“I know! Let’s put on a show!”. There is a political campaign approaching (you may have heard) and the idea of basing the next Will Ferrell comedy on that concept must have seemed appealing. Make him the bad guy (initially), throw in a sympathetic opponent, sprinkle in a devious Campaign Manager and two sinister Campaign Bank Rollers (Dan Ackroyd and John Lithgow) that are a cross between the Koch Brothers and the wealthy Duke brothers (played by Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy) in another Ackroyd film, “Trading Places” and, Presto, your screen play writes itself.

I had forgotten most of the funny lines and gags while walking out of the cinema…