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The Inaugural rates at offer three tiers of advertising . Below, you will find additional information along with the current rates and you can choose and order the plan that best fits your needs.
The importance of online advertising goes beyond bringing traffic to your site in an effort to increase sales. That’s just the business perspective and has a fluctuating return on investment. The positive guarantee you have with advertising, from the online perspective, is that it generates informative backlinks to your site which builds credit for search engines and your site’s ranking on those engines. The higher your site’s ranking, the higher in search results your site becomes, with the obvious goal of being featured on the first page.

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Step 1 – Select your plan and payment.

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Basic links consist of a listing of your name or business name in bold type with a link to your web site. Listings are on the appropriate resource page. Premium links include your image file along with a brief description and link to your web site. They have priority  position at or near the top of the page. Listings are on the appropriate resource page. Premiere links are 125×125 banners that appear site-wide on in the right-hand column of each page. These ads link directly to your web site.












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(If you do not have an image file to use for your Premium banner ad or Premiere ad block, Tag-On Development can create one for you for $5-$15.

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-Premiere Links are of limited availability. If you are interested in purchasing an ad on the right-hand column of our site, contact us to find out when the next available opening will be.
-You will be notified by email when your campaign is about to expire. (Applies to 3 and 6 month campaigns only)
-Please allow up to 72 hours before your link or banner is placed on

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