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“Rock of Ages” Review

In Brief: “Guilty Pleasure”… Hey, I knew the words to all the songs…

This, filmed in Miami, adaptation of the Broadway hit musical had a solid supporting ensemble, except for the miscast Tom Cruise as rock idol Stacee Jaxx. Much better were Paul Giamatti, Alex Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones and, especially, Russell Brand.

I noticed a handful of South Florida-based actors, for instance Tamara Jones (for some reason uncredited) who were all cast by my friend, Ellen Jacoby

A romp down Musical Lane…


Pacific Callas

Blooms by the Box

Blooms By The Box

“Promises” Screening

The other night I visited my old stomping grounds (the Cosford Cinema) at one of my two Alma Maters (the University of Miami) to see an industry screening of “Promises“.

The film was produced in South Florida by Carlos Guerrero who stars in a wonderfully nuanced performance. The film also features other friends like Mike Benitez , Carmen Lopez , Kevin Dean Hackett and others. I also had a brief featured role as an irate driver.

It was very capably directed by Joel Rodriguez with a solid local crew.

I hope to work on many more locally produced indies in the near future.

“For Greater Glory” Review

Short version:  Don’t bother.

I worked on “Blue Skies Again” a number of years ago, a film that included Andy Garcia’s first speaking role.

Andy is a very talented actor who has done superb work previously. As the name ingredient in For Greater Glory, he just phones it in. The film fails on most levels and, with the exception of the brief scenes featuring the incomparable Peter O’Toole, was disappointing.


Florida Trip

I have been working on a project this week that has taken me all over the Sunshine State including a stop at the FSU Film School (College of Motion Picture Arts). I also visited Ft. Myers, Tampa, Gainesville, Tallahassee (obviously), Jacksonville and Orlando.

A very productive week…

Miami Media and Film Market

I have spent the last three days attending the Miami Media and Link Market at the world famous Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, FL. It was basically a series of forums and panels discussing various aspects of film, television and digital production.

I ran into a number of industry people that I have known and/or worked with over the years. It was nice to see Maria K. Chavez, a very busy Location Manager and Scout. I also met and spoke with Terry Miller,  Executive Producer of the hit TV series, Burn Notice on the USA Network. And I had a nice conversation with Debbie Liebling, who is the President of Television at Red Hour Film. It turned out that Debbie and I went to the same high school in Miami and she was friends with my sister.   Debbie now resides in Los Angeles and is partnered with Ben Stiller and his actress wife,  Christine Taylor on various projects.

I also attended a panel discussion on “Talent Management” featuring  Casting Director, Lori Wyman, CSA, Cindy Schirmer, President of Stellar Talent Agency, and Jahaira Figueroa, CEO of J World Group Talent Management among others.

It was an educational and fun couple of days.

2nd Blog this week…

It’s been a busy couple of days at this web site. We added a new (old) Production Still from the original “Porky’s” that my good friend Jack Mulcahy sent me. The photo features Jack, Tony Ganios, Cyril O’Reilly, the other rascals from that film along with yours truly.

We have also added new “Showbiz Resources” (Photographers, Improv Training, and Talent Agents) along with some new “Wardrobe” categories (Sexy Dresses and Chef).

Take a look around and enjoy the improvements…

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Another taping yesterday…

… at the “Actors’ Room” of the local SAG office. Use of that facility remains one of the nicer benefits of my union membership. I had the able assistance of the talented Litana Somoano of the SAG staff running the camera, and editing and transferring the files while my friend and fellow actor, John Casomano and I read for one another as we taped separate scenes for submissions.

All told, it was a very productive session…

Today’s Update…

I had lunch today with one of my closest friends,  Ray Forchion,  at a real kick-ass restaurant, Jimmyz’ Kitchen. Ray was my roommate when I lived in Los Angeles and he is one of those Hollywood Hyphenates, you know, Actor-Writer-Director-Producer-Acting Coach-Mentor-Horse Thief… okay, I am kidding about that last one, although… when we used to play poker, he would always insist that I  “pony up”…

In other news, David Harris of tagondevelopment has added some more Affiliates to the Products section of this web site (aka “The Ball Mall”). The latest adds include Recreation sub-categories of “Golf” and “Scooters/MoPeds”  along with a new sub-category of Wardrobe, “Beachwear/Bikinis” and the first sub-category of Gifts, “Wine, Beer & Spirits”.

You can take a look by clicking the drop-down menu under “Products”.

We also have a new “Showbiz Resource” category, “Entertainment Attorneys”, so anyone who needs legal advice has that option…

Go Heat!!!!!!!


New Reading and Latest Products

I just finished a biography of Walt Disney.  I have always found him fascinating. Now I am reading “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon” I’ll post my thoughts here when I finish the book.

Meanwhile, David Harris of Tag-On Development, the web developer of this site has added some Affiliates for Tennis attire and equipment and Luggage products.  Check out the Drop-Down menu under Products to see what’s new and available.

Thanks for dropping by.