Movie Magic Budgeting 7 and Scheduling 5 Bundle

Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling

At a Glance

  • Software program for production professionals working on any size project.
  • Works the way filmmaking professionals think, with tools that provide increased flexibility and versatility.
  • Essential for taking a project from script to a wrap.

Need to budget and schedule your movie? Save even more money by buying Movie Magic Budgeting 7 and Movie Magic Scheduling 5 together!

Whether you’re working on an indie splatter flick or the latest studio blockbuster, you must be able to show investors a budget that demonstrates how you’ll use their money to create a film.

Movie Magic Budgeting 7 easily and accurately produces professional budgets for projects of any and all sizes. An innovative cost estimation tool used by production teams around the world, it features an intuitive format designed with an awareness of the complexities of production and the ever-changing issues facing finance professionals.

Starting at $449.00