PlanetDH was the choice of Rod Ball for David Harris’ design and development skills along with all his  other web services.  Everyone in the entertainment industry knows the importance of having a web presence in today’s modern world and this is the exact reason why PlanetDH was chosen. Not only for the professional ability to just create a web site, but keeping a personal relationship to produce something exactly the way you want it that comes with expert knowledge in how to better improve initial ideas as new standards become a part of the web.

    Aside from just a web site, David also designs creative portfolios and e-commerce sites as well.  But the services do not stop there! Once your project is complete, there are many avenues that can be taken to push your site into a broader range of visitors by optimizing your site or portfolio in effort to push it to the top of the search engines, marketing, social networking and so much more!

    Go to PlanetDH and check out all of the incredible services they have to offer and contact the owner, David Harris, anytime to find out what solutions he can offer you for any project you my inquire about.